Best Keyword Research Tools

I try to list all of the best and most essential keyword research software here. I started out building websites back in 2008 and have tried many tools since then.

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SEMRush screenshot

SEMRush is a tremendously useful tool suite for SEO and online marketing. It is a bit expensive, but it can do so much so I really think that it is worth the price.

SEO Tools

You can track Google search rankings for 5 websites with a standard account. These are updated daily.

You can also access domain analytics for more domains than that. This montors estimated total organic traffic and and also on an individual level for all ranking keywords for a website. These stats are not updated daily though.

There are also lots of other useful SEO tools part of SEMRush. This includes keyword research tools, on-page SEO tools, local SEO tools, link building tools, and competitor SEO analysis tools.

Keyword Research

SEMRush has 3 keyword research tools. The Keyword Overview tool gives you an overview of global volume with the top 5 countries for that keyword. It also shows keyword variations, questions, and related keywords.

Then there is the Keyword Magic tool. This will show a long list of search phrases containing your selected keyword. It is packed with features. You can for instance see what SERP features are present (star ratings, links, FAQ, etc.), the CPC, volume, and keyword difficulty. You can also filter the keyword list in a number of ways.

The third tool is the Keyword Gap tool. This tool lets you compare what keyword your website is ranking for in comparison with your competitors. This can reveal keyword opportunities.

Free Trial

You can try SEMRush for free for 7 days.

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Google Search Console screenshot

This tool by Google might be the most important SEO tool in your toolbelt. And it is totally free.

Rank Tracking

With Google Search Console, you can track your Google rankings for all your websites. There is a limit to how many keywords you can track but that has never limited me with any of my sites.

Keyword Research

One way to do keyword research is to look what you are already ranking for already to discover possibilities for updating and improving those pieces of content to increase rankings and click through rates.

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Ahrefs screenshot

Ahrefs is the biggest competitor of SEMRush. I am not sure which of these are best. I've tried both, but I choose to settle with SEMRush. My reason for this is that the entry package with Ahrefs does not track top 100 keyword rankings which SEMRush do. To see keywords ranking between rank 30(?) and 100, you need to upgrade your plan.

However, I hear more professionals talk about Ahrefs than SEMRush, and some, like the famous SEO guy, Brian Dean, uses both.

Keyword Research

Ahrefs features a tool called Keywords Explorer. They claim that this is the most complete keyword research tool on the market.

Some of its highlights is that it supports data for 171 countries, 10 different search engines, including YouTube and Amazon, a keyword difficulty score, advanced SEO metrics that shows return rate, clicks per search, % of click, % of paid click, and more. You can also save keywords into lists for future reference.

$7 Trial

You can try Ahrefs for just $7 for 7 days.

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Ubersuggest screenshot

Ubersuggest is a freemium SEO tool suite that offers many of the same features as SEMRush and Ahrefs.

I am not sure if the data of Ubersuggest is as accurate as with the premium tools within SEMRush and Ahrefs. Also, there are definately less tools here.

Good for Beginners

I would suggest trying this if you're just starting out and the high end premium tools are out of your budget.


The Individual tier allows for 3 projects with 100 tracked keywords per project. The Business tier allows for 7 projects with 150 kewords tracked and the Agency tier lets you have 15 projects with 200 keywords. All tiers update keyword rank daily.

Keyword Research

When doing keyword research with Ubersuggest, you will get up to 20,000 keywords suggestions (similar keywords) with the Individual tier, up to 50,000 with the Business tier, and up to 100,000 with the Agency tier.

You will also get up to between 2,000 and 10,000 content ideas, and you can export 2,000 to 10,000 rows depending on your subscription tier.

Individual Business Agency
$29/mo $49/mo $99/mo
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